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The Insedia site, which means to “settle” in Italian, evolved from the concept that people with financial issues suffer at different levels. In respect of that, and consistent with the core team values of Insedia, which are to solve problems within the rules using personal responsibility, creativity, and dignity, we encourage people to join our inclusive mission to help people.

Insedia believes there is no silver bullet to solve every problem immediately, and although there are things people are doing that are working and moving them towards a resolution, some issues will take time to resolve. The challenge to change or tweak the traditional finance models and engage politicians to introduce new legislation is our community goal.

Insedia is both collective (front end news) and collaborative (back end community). The concept is simple-collect information on your issue and then discuss it with like minded people to produce a “synergistic” result. This micro approach is done at your own pace and at your own comfort level. There are people in a similar predicament as you, but they might have successfully solved the issues you are facing. 

Most of us want to play by the rules, pay our bills, and make sound financial decisions. There’s no reason creative, respective, and dignified solutions can’t be cultivated by a group of smart people. Unlike banks, with all due respect, it may actually take a community to bail you out. The suffering can end. The abundance can begin. 

Join, share and resolve at Insedia. Settle Your Life™.

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