Buying Pharmaceuticals Abroad: Upside, Downside & Cautions


Buying Pharmaceuticals Abroad: Upside, Downside & Cautions

Oct, 26th 2016

Standing in line recently at my local Rite-Aid pharmacy, I was not particularly surprised to see two elderly customers in front of me pay nearly $600 each in co-pays and out-of-pocket for what turned out to be the price of their monthly prescriptions. I sensed from their haggard demeanor that $7,200 a year was not chump change for these two individuals. This experience led me to conduct some research on purchasing mail-order prescription drugs abroad. Our editorial folks uncovered the following:

While it's technically illegal to bring drugs into the country (even cough syrup!), enforcement of cross-border and online drug sales is like a leash law, where in most cases customs officials turn a blind eye. Ordering pharmaceuticals from online pharmacies...

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