Conservative Columnist: Ryan's Tax Plan Is Doomed To Fail


Conservative Columnist: Ryan's Tax Plan Is Doomed To Fail

Mar, 2nd 2017

For weeks now, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has struggled to convince his colleagues of the benefits of the border adjustment tax. If his reasons seem unsound and unconservative (why should the government dictate which suppliers you use?), it's because he is not being honest about the motivation behind the plan to tax imports. The one and only reason behind the push centers on the massive deficit the rest of the GOP tax plan would create. (Take a fiscally irresponsible tax plan and add in a counterproductive border tax adjustment!) In short, his tax plan needs the infusion of cash that a tax passed on to U.S. consumers would raise.

Libertarian economist Veronique de Rugy blasts Ryan for intellectual dishonesty in claiming that the "United States was at a disadvantage...

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