Looking Forward to Money Pressures Easing as You Get Older?


Looking Forward to Money Pressures Easing as You Get Older?

Dec, 6th 2016

Money will stress you out, no matter what phase of life you're in — or how much you have.

And finances don't get easier with age, they just change: We learn lessons on how to avoid mistakes... and then go on to make new ones.

But getting a head start, and anticipating what may trip you up, helps in getting prepared for the inevitable financial setbacks.

The goal is to be prepared enough that when decisions arise, you're not taken by surprise. Should you buy a used or new car? Should you move out or ask for a rent reduction? Should you even sign up for the 401(k) at the stupid job where you're not going to stay long? (Yes, you should.)

Here are some clues to where your head should — and shouldn't — be at during each stage of life.

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