More Balance (Billing): Expensive E.R. Docs Could Be Independent Contractors


More Balance (Billing): Expensive E.R. Docs Could Be Independent Contractors

Oct, 3rd 2016

A potentially lifesaving trip to the emergency room could result in high, unexpected bills...even if you have insurance. Barry Levy has today's Consumer Report and explains how to prevent this from happening.

Several years ago we had to take our son to the emergency room and this is the stack of bills we received. It was stunning...but we went through each one line by line...found a few mistakes and some questionable charges but we were able to work it all out. Here's what you need to do so you're not shocked when these begin arriving.

John Elfrank-Dana had to have two emergency brain surgeries after he hit his head and suffered a brain bleed. He thought his medical insurance would cover the costs. Instead, he was hit with more than...

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