College Underemployment Epidemic Seems To Be Easing


College Underemployment Epidemic Seems To Be Easing

May, 1st 2017

The college graduate underemployment epidemic is easing.

And the stereotypical image of young people stuck in parents' basements, working as baristas at Starbucks and wondering why they burdened themselves with $30,000 in student loan debt is becoming outdated.

There are still too many recent graduates in jobs that didn't require them to go to college, but the situation is improving. A highly cited report several years ago found 53.6 percent of recent college graduates were out of work or underemployed in 2011. But recently released data from a separate source shows that in 2014 only about 33 percent of people fresh out of college didn't have jobs that required college educations and after age 22 their career paths were much improved. The latest figures were released by Stephen Rose of...

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