The Patient Freedom Act Says States That Like Obamacare Can Keep It

The Patient Freedom Act Says States That Like Obamacare Can Keep It

Feb, 2nd 2017

Two Republican senators are pitching an Affordable Care Act replacement that they hope will appeal to the law’s supporters.

States that like Obamacare, they argue, should get to keep it. Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Susan Collins (R-ME) held a press conference Monday to roll out the Patient Freedom Act. They propose giving states three options: Keep Obamacare, switch to a different insurance expansion, or go forward with no coverage expansion at all.

“California and New York, you like Obamacare, you should keep it,” Cassidy said at the press conference. “It’s not for us to dictate.” The Cassidy-Collins proposal is a sharp departure from the plans offered by House and Senate leadership, which would not let Obamacare continue in any form. Cassidy argues that this...

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