Utahns See More Taxes and fewer Exemptions in a New GOP Proposal


Utahns See More Taxes and fewer Exemptions in a New GOP Proposal

Mar, 6th 2017

GOP legislative leaders are pushing to pass a package of tax reforms in the final weeks of the session that include restoring the full sales tax on food, phasing out income tax exemptions for more Utahns and raising gas taxes.

The newly unveiled proposal, endorsed by majority Republicans in closed-door House and Senate caucus meetings on Thursday, also would lower the state's 4.7 percent sales and 5 percent income tax rates by around a half percent each.

Also a possibility this session is adjusting the 2015 change in how gas taxes are calculated, which initially boosted prices at the pump by about 5 cents a gallon, to ensure revenues keep up with inflation when oil prices are low.

The talk of bringing in more money to...

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